Gourmet Food

If you single out the term gourmet, then you could be talking about a high class restaurant or the dishes served within their walls. The dishes that are served in gourmet restaurants or prepared in the home are often made using high quality produce. This could mean sourcing the best cuts of meat from animals farmed using traditional methods, or something like chocolates produced using high cocoa content, or preserves made using high fruit content, with added ingredients like champagne.

There is a whole industry surrounding gourmet foods, running from producers and suppliers, to farmers markets, gourmet food stores, and of course the foodies that buy, cook with, or taste these items. Take a browse through the pages on this site and you can find out all about artisan cheese production, gourmet meats, the history behind gourmet food hampers from a globally known retail outlet, and where you can find some of the biggest and best farmers markets in the country.

We are now a nation that cares about where our food comes from, how it was produced, and if relevant, the conditions animals were raised in. This has led to the increasing popularity of local/regional produce, some of which comes from luxury/gourmet/artisan producers, and speciality food shops. So as well as shopping gourmet, you could also be shopping local, although a trip to the shops isn’t the only way to experience gourmet food.

Food Festivals are a staple of many event calendars throughout the UK, and can be run by collectives of local food producers, or big name brands. The BBC Good Food Magazine regularly runs shows, either in London, Birmingham, or across different regions. You can watch the work of celebrity chefs, join in with demos and tastings, and shop from a multitude of suppliers. Another great foodie event is Taste of London, which is described as one of the world’s best restaurant festivals. Here you can dine in Regents Park, sampling some of the best food, from some of the capitals gourmet restaurants, and there’s also a shopping area featuring around 200 producers.

Look out for food and wine festivals, gourmet food festivals, restaurant festivals, or events dedicated to the best of a particular product. Gourmet food may originally have been the staple diet of high society, but it’s much more accessible today, and you’re sure to find some gourmet food treats to suit your budget in your local area and beyond.